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Sea - 'Sea'

A band to be reckoned with amongst the new breed of Rock bands emerging.

Sea is a band from Denmark, offering up a slice of old-school/Classic Hard Rock with a contemporary edge. Their debut album was recorded in only a week, with producer Jacob Bredahl (Hatesphere, Hellhorse) at the helm, and he has managed to get a raw, yet authentic sound from the band.

Formed when two pairs of childhood friends met; Anders Brink (vocals, guitar) and Maico Thyge (bass) from Bornholm and Anders Kargaard (guitar) and Jonas Bangstrup (drums) from Amager.

What is surprising is that no one has thought to use the name Sea before, and if I am honest, the name and album cover artwork (a skeletal fish with the name embossed over it) give little indication of the type of music contained within.
Brink has a strong deep voice which helps the songs rise above the norm. Opening number 'Sorry To Be Sane' contains chunky guitars and a deep groove, and it brought to my mind U.S. act Lion, which featured Kal Swan and Doug Aldrich.

'Cry' just oozes class, as the guitars do battle with one another, the likes of which you will not have heard since the first Molly Hatchet album. Taking things down a step, 'Eye Of Sedona' is the closest we get to a ballad.

The percussive shuffle of 'Another Song To Sing' leads into a hot slice of guitar riff work, before the song lets a grinding rhythm take over. My personnel favourite is 'House Of Air'; it's an epic monster of a song that is built on an atmospheric gallop of riffs and soaring vocals.

The variety of musical styles, from the peaceful acoustic instrumental of 'Aeon' to the all guns blazing Rock of 'Ride On', prove that Sea are a band to be reckoned with amongst the new breed of Rock bands emerging.

Ray Paul

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