Siamese Fighting Fish - 'Breathe:See:Move'

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Siamese Fighting Fish - 'Breathe:See:Move'

A beast of an album.

The second album from the daftly named Siamese Fighting Fish gives their pretentiously titled but decent enough debut, 'We Are The Sound', a solid beating. The Danish wrecking crew's blend of modern hard rock with progressive tendencies is moulded into, frankly, a beast of an album.

'Breathe:See:Move' is far more palatable for straightforward new rock fans with less of the jolting, djent-y rhythms and breakdowns of its predecessor, but they cannily retain their shining moments of melodic post-hardcore (like the breakdown in the abominably titled 'Discodad'). An exciting angle on SFF is they have a full-time violin player in the band. They should probably be celebrated for not making themselves sound like a folk rock band and instead it adds some nice atmosphere and chilling build up leading into some huge payoffs. Listen to the opening to 'A Liar Cried Wolf' or 'Yes, Say No' for beautifully forlorn examples.

Energetic melodic rockers with titles like 'Party Like Charlie Sheen' and 'Crap Is The New Black' suggest a sense of humour simmering under the beautifully produced surface. Both have impressively catchy choruses, while 'H.A.U.T.' and 'Don't Try This Alone' are tricky alt-rockers flirting with more progressive practises. Meanwhile, Mirza Radonjica's often exquisite vocals can be deliriously soft and beautiful one minute then he screams as if trying to expel a vicious demon in his gut at another.

Swimming in the same lake as Pierce The Veil but staying closer to the murkier waters of Falling In Reverse, Siamese Fighting Fish should count themselves part of a vibrant scene. 'Breath:See:Move' is surely good enough to see them become a big fish. It must only be a matter of time.

Dan Bond

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