St. Prostitute - 'Glorified'

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St. Prostitute - 'Glorified'

Sounds musically hurried and about twenty years too late to really make an impact.

Denmark's St. Prostitute produce a familiar brand of Sleaze Rock 'n' Roll, that uses the template of Guns 'N' Roses for their musical offerings. You can almost imagine the low slung guitars and snarls as the band perform 'Farewell And Goodbye' on a live stage; the song is all dirty Rock 'n' Roll played with attitude but little individual flare.

The chorus to 'Red Car' is a mighty arena friendly anthem and is without doubt a future live favourite. Addictive Punk energy drives 'City Lights' so fast it could be The Wildhearts at their best – I could add so many more influences to the lists!
At times it seems the band spent more time coming up with classic or predictable titles, like 'Death By Rock 'N' Roll' or 'L.A. Party' than crafting a song of worth, after a while so many of the songs just seem to blend into one.

All is not lost though. 'Suicide Girl' sounds like something Velvet Revolver could easily have made a hit out of and 'Scream' has plenty of studio thunder to keep you interested.

Everything here is played well, and the production is very impressive considering the budget. It unfortunately sounds musically hurried and about twenty years too late to really make an impact.

Ray Paul

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