Stamina - 'Perseverance'

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Stamina - 'Perseverance'

A real surprise.

Italy is quickly becoming a land offering legions of great bands. Kaledon, Thy Majestie, Rhapsody of Fire and Vision Divine are all part of the Italian Metal landscape; you can also add Stamina to that list. 'Perseverance' is part Hard Rock, part Fusion, part Progressive, part Symphonic, part Melodic Metal, and on one track there's even an element of Funk. This follow up to their 2010 release ('One Of A Kind') is a surprisingly well-crafted album; the Melodic Metal of Royal Hunt, the emotive vocals of Soleil Moon, and the sweeping shifting moods of Evertale all come together within their sound.

It is the shifting moods of 'Perseverance' that's worth talking about, like the cries for help coming from a man uncertain about his future in the opening track 'Higher.' The mid track slap funk bass guitar is well done as is the guitars, drums and keyboards. There's the heroic, Symphonic refrains of 'Breaking Another String' and the RH sounding 'Just Before The Dawn' which portrays a feeling of misfortune, and a person begging for a loved one not to leave. The album's highlight 'Naked Eye' talks about "not turning back" while 'Wake Up The Gods' is exciting, fervent, and at times angry if not occasionally almost biting. The fantastic closing track 'Winner For A Day' gallops along and could be heard on any RH release.

The sound is great, the songwriting solid and the musicianship commendable. The artwork also shows certain talent and there's a nice overall flow to the album. The music was clear, although sometimes it was hard to discern the lyrics, but all in all the music comes together well. The term "no filler just all killer" is used every once in a while, sometimes with a certain amount of truth, but in this case it is absolutely true. From opening to closing this really is one great album. As has been the case with other bands, Stamina uses the talents of different vocalists as diverse as Goran Edman, Nils Molin, Giorgio Adamo and Jacopo DiDomenico to bring their songs to life. Each of these singers possesses something that the others do not. Whether it is their vocal ranges, the ability to punch their way through the music or give certain feelings of desolation and desire; one can tell care was made offering these gifted singers certain songs that took their vocal styles into consideration.

This was a real surprise; I'll be honest, I had never heard of this band before this but now that I have, I have made a note to check out their other releases as well. You should too, right after you hear this.

Franco Cerchiari

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