Statement - 'Monsters'

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Statement - 'Monsters'

These five are absolutely ready to make that "Statement" on a global scale—so don't miss out!

From the opening chords, one knows that this is a serious "Statement" from these five seasoned musicians! The dream child of drummer turned guitarist Niels Alex Larsen, 'Monsters' is the debut of Danish Hard Rockers Statement. Thirteen tracks of very tasty Hardened Rock with enough energy to run a city, and a variety of textures to bring you back listen after listen is what you will find here.

Larsen cut his teeth with Pilgrimz, but turning to guitar, this Danish Rocker started a journey in 2011 that included his exploration of Hard Rock, and meeting up with a long time friend which continued the change in his musical expression. Vocalist Jannick Brochdorf join up with Larsen to peruse their dream of a no nonsense Hard Rock outfit that went back to their roots. Statement was begun!

Over time the two set forth to gather the chosen few: Peter Thomsen on drums, guitarist Jepser Steen Noachsen, and bassist Martin Poulsen. With the exception of Thomsen, they all contribute to the vocals, creating a crystal clear wall of voices heard throughout. 'Monsters' is thematic, a Power Rock performance with razor sharp guitars and a pounding rhythm section. Each song has the distinctive muscular lead voice of Brochdorf, delivering some very poetic and sensitive lyrical content; strong songs for the strong music that pulsates through this debut. Although populated with tough music, there is a softer element with some performances; these guys have the uncanny talent of presenting this softer side while still showing the toughness, and not losing that "cutting edge" feel! The combination works, the craftsmanship works, and 'Monsters' is just that – a monstrous "Statement" through and through!

Going through the album, the energy continually builds. Production wise, everything is crisp and clean, and at the same time completely grounded by the heavy rhythm section. This soundscape is not pondering, no, a high level of energy is present through and through. We keep moving from strength to strength. These five are absolutely ready to make that "Statement" on a global scale—so don't miss out!

Bruce E.J. Atkinson

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