Tainted Lady - 'Sounds Like Freedom // Feels Like War'

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Tainted Lady - 'Sounds Like Freedom // Feels Like War'

This release contains an expansive, hard-hitting set of musical gems that are sure to cause a mini-musical revolution.

These Danes open up their second album like a hurricane on steroids with the opening salvo 'Seven Billion Souls' setting the stage for this incredible quintet. Get ready for some heart-wrenching lyrics and soaring rock-hard music that goes directly to your aural senses... tantalising and exciting one's ears, heart and intellect.

Tainted Lady are gifted musicians in their playing ability, and equally so in their song-writing and arranging. Yes, they are indeed Hard Rock and they push the limits of this musical style. November 2019 will mark a sea change in the Rock world with this new release, and one that will surprise and even make some shudder – especially with what this quintet are willing to sing about. Tainted Lady constantly display their excellent song-writing skills with a stylish vocal delivery from their highly talented singer Michael Catton.

The writing approach reminds me of those extraordinary singer-poets of the late sixties/early seventies, the ones who dared speak out on our social conditions and actually gave us some solutions. What you will hear is a sophisticated, emotive essay on our own lives that they push ever so forward with their highly-charged music. This is what Tainted Lady do and they do it with passion.

The group are inspired and draw from more than one era of music, interpreting and re-interpreting the "feel" of said music and making it their own. They sing about our social issues and our living conditions, and the intensity of their music often reinforces the points made – at times so forceful that it'll leave you breathless. 'Down To The River' just amazes with their perfect harmonies and poetic lyrics, and they utilise such an emotional blanket of music to deliver this important message; it's muscular in delivery and executed with excellence.

Tainted Lady's 2017 debut made major inroads throughout the industry, but 'Sounds Like Freedom//Feels Like War' is set to smash those successes and establish this band at the leading edge of a new musical wave, one that embraces social justice with the most powerful of musical styles – straightforward Hard Rock. Throughout this album you will also hear some interesting vocal arrangements that add an edge to the lyrical content and smother the listener with the sweetest, hardest music we've heard in some time. This release contains an expansive, hard-hitting set of musical gems that are sure to cause a mini-musical revolution!

Bruce E.J. Atkinson

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