Teri Tims - 'Teri Tims'

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Teri Tims - 'Teri Tims'

There are some pretty good songs lurking within.

The origins of this album are a little sketchy so say the least, as this album has been available in various guises at different times. First appearing in 2001 on the Target label with the title 'Whole Lotta Trouble', another version with an altered track listing known as 'Made In U.S.A.' surfaced in 2005, then 2009 saw an independent self-titled version, though with the same tracks as '...Trouble'. Now having an official U.K. release courtesy of Z Records, this adaption of 'Teri Tims' has the '...U.S.A.' version ten tracks. Confused yet?

For the record, Teri Tims is a native of Keithville, Louisiana, and possesses a wonderfully sultry, earthy and soulful vocal that brings to mind Stevie Nicks and Janis Joplin, while also conjuring up images of some of the female Rock singers who were around when this album was recorded in the late eighties and early nineties (such as Sandi Saraya, Chrissie Steele, Alannah Myles and Vixen's Janet Gardner). She is also the wife of AOR legend Paul Sabu, who naturally is involved with the making of this record, performing guitars and backing vocals.

The overall sound of the album has a very dated feel – not simply a consequence of the period it was recorded, but because of the overuse of the Fairlight programming that compounds the majority of the instrumentation. However, once you get over the passé arrangements, there are some pretty good songs lurking within. There's a definite Pop/Rock feel to the music, with some elements of Country Pop à la Shania Twain thrown into the mix, though the lyrics of 'I Can Never Dance Enough' and the duet 'Turn Me On' stray too far the wrong side of twee. Yet, on the flipside of the coin, when Tims' "Down South" roots surface in the Cajun flavours of 'Drop You Like A Habit', 'Heartbreak Hall Of Fame' and the Bluesy 'Roll Dem Bones' you can hear just what the husband and wife duo are capable of creating.

Elsewhere, 'Rock Hard', 'Out Of Control' and 'Bad Love' are classy AOR with a moody edge, 'Home Is Where The Heart Is' is a thoroughly decent eighties-style power ballad, and the catchy 'Midnite In Your Eyes' could easily have been a crossover Pop/Rock chart hit back in the day.

Apparently a new album is under construction, but that has been the case now for some time, so when that will surface is anyone's guess. Let's just hope it arrives while this particular genre is in vogue to avoid it befalling the same dated sound of this album.

Ant Heeks

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