The Candles - 'La Candelaria'

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The Candles - 'La Candelaria'

All the songs are excellently written are very melodic with strong hooks and choruses.

Let me paint you a quick picture. I'm in Bristol on business; my meeting finishes early so I have time for a trip to the Fopp outlet before my train back to London. Having picked up a few back catalogue CDs at silly prices I realised that, unusually, I was rather enjoying the music being played over the sound system...

I dallied a while to hear a few more songs, decided I really liked what I was hearing and enquired who it was. I'd never heard of the band but acquired a copy anyway which is how I've come to review this rather nice collection of songs. Don't you just love music?

Comprising former The Lemonheads bassist Josh Lattanzi (vocals, guitar, songs), Jason Abraham Roberts (guitar), Pete Remm (keyboards), Matt Pynn (guitar, pedal steel, mandolin), Greg Wieczorek (drums) and Wes Hutchinson (bass) they play a pleasing style of acoustically based music that dips its toes into Country-lite, without the nauseating lyrics often associated with the genre, West Coast, early Billy Joel and Americana. This is their second album after 2010s 'Between the Sounds'.

At times I am reminded of Venice, America, The Eagles, Neil Young, John Mellencamp and Train; all the songs are excellently written are very melodic with strong hooks and choruses. There's not a filler in sight across the ten songs and in a different era I can envisage several of them being hits in the singles chart, notably 'Believe You Now' which is a fine up-tempo song with infectious refrains and chorus. For me, the faster songs represent the album's highlights with 'Blind Light', 'Come in From the Cold', 'Gold' and album closer 'What Happens Next' having that toe-tapping quality. 'Passenger' puts me in mind of Venice with a hint of Country in the mix, while 'One Way Ticket' has a Neil Young quality on the verses.

The aforementioned opener, 'Blind Light' has burrowed into my consciousness to an incredible degree such is its catchiness and that rather sums up this album's impact.

Gary Marshall

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