The Donnas - 'Spend The Night (Extended Edition)'

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The Donnas - 'Spend The Night (Extended Edition)'

A kick ass Rock 'n' Roll record from a band that knew exactly what they were doing and did it extremely well.

Turned from a Trash Rock band into a sort of female Ramones, The Donnas took this image and ran with it, and this 2002 album saw them break into the major label scene (on Atlantic) and garner a bit of the fame and fortune that every band secretly wants. It's a sweet package, deliberately designed to look like some mid-seventies girly band, down to "Side A" and "Side B" tracks. As I didn't know about TD before getting this, I was (admittedly) totally fooled until I started reading Malcolm Dome's new booklet essay.

Musically, TD don't break new ground or even try to. This is fun Pop with guitars brought in, all under three minutes whenever possible. The thing is, when a band knows exactly what they are doing with this sort of thing it does become ridiculously entertaining and this is certainly the case here. The not so subtle songs include 'Dirty Denim', 'You Wanna Get Me High' and 'Take Me To The Backseat' and the lyrics are as basic as the titles.

It really doesn't matter because by this point in their career The Donnas were writing all their own material and showing a staggering talent for catchy hooks backed up by great choruses and short, sweet guitar solos. This is the sort of thing that gets a party started and keeps it going, the sort of album that gets people asking just who it is and where they can get it. It's fun, basically.

Included in this edition, along with the chunky new booklet, are an extra five B-sides and non-album tracks that stick with the formula already established. Once again, it's just fun, catchy music with an attitude. So it's not a deep album, not one for anyone who wants eight minute songs and not one that lends itself to rambling review. 'Spend The Night' is simply a kick ass Rock 'n' Roll record from a band that knew exactly what they were doing and did it extremely well.

Alan Holloway

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