The Order - 'Rock 'N' Rumble'

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The Order - 'Rock 'N' Rumble'

A worthwhile acquisition for the eighties fan.

This is the fifth album from this Classic Rock band from Switzerland and it's a nicely rounded, enjoyable offering with a mission – "to bring Rock music back where it belongs". It's got all the "up for it" attitude of AC/DC and raspy Rock 'n' Roll vocals that Bon Scott would approve of, combined with melodies and guitar redolent of bands like Dokken as combined on opener 'Play It Loud'.

It's unashamedly nostalgic for the high point of popular Hair Metal and 'Rock 'N' Rumble' is effectively a tribute to the scene at that time. 'Diamond Dave' (Lee Roth) gets a mention and indeed the cyclical melodies of that song are vaguely reminiscent of Eddie Van Halen's style of playing.

'No One Can Take You Away From Me' is a fine AOR love song, boldly pre-nineties in attitude and it has all the innocence and purity of songs of that period; uplifting and heartfelt with more hooks than Velcro. Back from the time when music was feel good and relationships were not considered disposable. Halcyon days indeed.

However, to stop things getting a little too nice Rockers like 'Fight' and 'Gimme A Yeah' are designed to be good live song follow-ups... as is the song 'Womanizer', just in case you thought masculinity had been tamed. The slightly cringingly, obvious caveman nature of the lyric aside (sometimes we guess there's a trade-off, this is music coming from a pre-PC era after all) there is something to be said for their straightforward honesty.

Mercifully perhaps, we get back to another epic styled ballad 'Turn The Pages', the slightly Teutonic sounding 'Wild One' with a touch of slightly harder eighties Metal (a la Scorpions meets a bit of Iron Maiden or Judas Priest) and closers 'Reason To Stay', another decent Rocker, and 'Karma' which is heavier and more Modern/Nu Metal sounding.

This album got more and more enjoyable as it became familiar so do give it a few spins; it will repay the attention. Not a perfect offering, but definite high points make this a worthwhile acquisition for the eighties fan.

Dawn Osborne

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