The Pineapple Thief - 'Magnolia'

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The Pineapple Thief - 'Magnolia'

This band deserves to take the next step and so does 'Magnolia'.

The times they are a-changing, with one time Prog obscurities The Pineapple Thief slowly, since their 2008 album 'Tightly Unwound', gaining what is verging on "popular" acceptance. The breakthrough of mainstream radio plays may have remained tantalisingly out of grasp, yet there's an inescapable feeling that the quirkily, easy on the eye band leader Bruce Soord will soon be one of those faces that even your mates at work begin to recognise.

So what's been a-changing to bring this deserved rise to fame for The Pineapplers? Well, nothing – and everything. For even if you were to delve back to the pre 'Tightly...' days, you'd still immediately recognise the one moment capable of breaking your heart, the next ripping your face off, vocals from Soord, while the ability this band has to almost move you to tears through lush string led passages, is still a weapon wielded masterfully; as is the turn on a sixpence hankering to suddenly strike you head on with a mighty riff. However 'Magnolia' is different; straight to the point, less meandering, much less interested in taking you on a long walk before breaking the news that you knew you'd come to hear. In truth it is an evolution that has been taking shape through 2010's 'Someone Here Is Missing' and 2012's 'All The Wars' and if you'd first encountered the band through those albums, you might not even notice much has changed at all.

What matters though, is that 'Magnolia' proves that TPT are just as effective in four minute slaps as they are across meandering soundscapes, something the ever evolving 'Breathe' illustrates with ease. The album's title track or 'Don't Tell Me' really could break this band into the arena filling big time.

Purists may have already decided that The Pineapple Thief have cashed in their Prog chips. However what 'Magnolia' achieves is to prove that the very ideals that first attracted Thievers can be presented in such a way that includes, rather than excludes a mass audience. The prospect may not sit easily with some, but having done things the long, hard way, this band deserves to take the next step and so does 'Magnolia'.

Steven Reid

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