Thomas Wynn & The Believers - 'Wade Waist Deep'

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Thomas Wynn & The Believers - 'Wade Waist Deep'

Come on in, the water's lovely; after a first listen, waist deep might not be enough.

They've been coming to this of course, growing through their last two albums, but even the most recent release, a good listen though it was, had a much firmer Country basis to it than this.

The Floridians have ramped up the noise, the drama and the pure importance of the music on this thrilling release. Ryan Miranda and Dave Wagner's drums and bass are so far forward in the mix they are all but slapping you, giving even the calmer tracks a real backbone. Not that this album suffers from frailty, some of these songs are a sonic howl of talent; Chris "Bell" Antemesaris' gob iron wailing as if lovelorn, the organ of Colin Fei stabbing like a grumbling appendix and Thomas Wynn's guitar growling and shaking itself alive.

Tracks like the explosion of 'Burn As One', the huge Gospel chorus of 'I Don't Regret' and the stirring Soul ballad 'Heartbreak Alley', with its woozily descending chorus which Vintage Trouble may covet, show off all this very well. Although Thomas Wynn has doubled vocals with Olivia Wynn, they have never pushed themselves to the end of their voices, yet never sounding so committed, so righteous as they do here.

This alone would be great, but 'Wade Waist Deep' also has, after diving from the deck of a yacht (yes, the de rigueur Fleetwood Mac sound is here too), the lazily push of 'Feel The Good', which even boasts a non-annoying banjo, and the shimmering 'Mountain Fog'. Add to this some portentous drama and the fine cacophonous closer 'Turn It Into Gold' and the deal is sealed. Come on in, the water's lovely; after a first listen, waist deep might not be enough.

Steve Swift

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