Triggerfinger - 'Colossus'

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Triggerfinger - 'Colossus'

Nothing is missing from this album in terms of suggestions.

Triggerfinger are a Belgian band from Antwerp that formed in 1998. So far, so good, but trying to define what kind of band Triggerfinger are turns out to be another, far more complicated, question. Singer/guitarist Ruben Block (Sin Alley, Angelico), bassist Paul van Bruystegem – aka Lange Polle or Monsieur Paul – and drummer Mario Goossens (Noordkaap, Monza, Hooverphonic) seem to have been projected from another world, and if the comparisons with Queens Of The Stone Age and Them Crooked Vultures are the quickest that come to mind, there's surely more than meets the "ears".

It sounds more like the David Bowie (of the German years) caught up with the Chris Cornell (from his Audioslave period) somewhere in the afterlife and decided to write some songs with Depeche Mode, Placebo, T-Rex and Talk Talk in mind. Confused? Actually, nothing is missing from this album in terms of suggestions, not even a fatal, noir and murderous case in which Cheap Trick gets down and dirty in a dark New Wave alley ('Candy Killer' or 'Flesh Tight', for instance).

Would you also like some Bowie-ish ambience reminiscent of the 'Low'/'Heroes' era or an Iggy Pop's rush with hints of the early eighties with lots of plasticized effects ('Upstairs Box')? How about a mystic, melancholic and dramatic passage haunted by The Mission and Led Zeppelin like the acoustic suspended tension of 'Afterglow'?

'Breathlessness' (one of my favourites) has even got a seventies The Who-like vocal enthusiastic euphoria that's mitigated by a sophisticated orchestral arrangement that almost resembles the apathetic boldness of The Verve, while 'Bring Me Back A Live Wild One', with its vicious and Sleazy chorus and its Spacey Slade/T-Rex assault, could make the fate of Glam Rock rise again from the ashes. What about 'Steady Me'? On this one, Led Zeppelin's 'Four Sticks' just lodges disturbingly among the meanders of the whole song, from the beginning till the end, but the chorus hints more at The Faces and The Sweet (there was definitely a time when articles were crucial when naming a band, wasn't there...?). Eventually, the final 'Wollensak Walk' has still got something to surprise you with, like an apocalyptic Surf Rock Blues that, after some rest, turns into a Punk stomp with a swinging Rock 'n' Roll bang.

Enrico Navella

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