Tuesday The Sky - 'Drift'

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Tuesday The Sky - 'Drift'

Provides a splendid escape from the daily chaos and fear that seems to command our attention.

Always weaving new textures into the fabric that is the 'Fireworks' album review section, Tuesday The Sky is certainly an unexpected addition. Those familiar with his work as founding member of Fates Warning will be forced to abandon any preconceived notions when approaching Jim Matheos' new ambient instrumental project. Clearly the yin-to-his-yang, 'Drift' finds itself in good company with other radical departures from artists like Devin Townsend and his album 'Ghost', as well as Buckethead's quiet and contemplative 'Colma'. Elegant in its own right, 'Drift' is an introverted and reticent endeavor that will be as polarizing as it is engaging to existing fans of his primary band.

The album focuses solely on moods and textures; therefore, it forgoes any reference to musical virtuosity or structured songs. With electric guitar being the primary instrument featured on all compositions, its de facto presence is simply because it is Matheos' primary tool for composition.

Added texture is introduced with non-verbal melodies sung by Anna Lynne Williams (Trespassers William) on 'Westerlies,' great drumming courtesy of Lloyd Hanney (God Is An Astronaut) on 'The Rowing Endeth' and Kevin Moore's (Dream Theater) emotive keyboards on 'It Comes In Waves' and the title track. Melodies are implied more than being overtly stated and songs develop organically rather than following a strict form.

A one-dimensional album it is, but the purpose of 'Drift' is more of an experiment in existentialism rather than any focused musical statement. Not an everyday album by any means, it is clearly designed to fit certain occasions which would fall into those forlorn, solitary and contemplative moments in one's life. Although this is an album that will not enjoy frequent rotation, it is one that, when the vibe is right, stands to be a perfect audio companion to assuage your soul and provide a splendid escape from the daily chaos and fear that seems to command our attention.

Brent Rusche

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