Valerie - 'Valerie'

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Valerie - 'Valerie'

This has the makings an impressive album, but ultimately is a bit of a letdown.

When your press release likens the band to Dokken and Ratt and claims to reproduce 1987 in 2013, you are setting yourself up for a fall unless you can deliver that particular melodic hard rock in impressive style. Valerie manage to do that in all areas apart from one, and unfortunately, that's a pretty big one.

There are plenty of positives here and plenty for the band to be proud of in their first full album release. Hailing from Norway, they have put together an album of classic American, radio friendly rock. Full of big choruses, catchy hooks, harmonies and, not least of all, some great guitar work from mainman B T Valerie. 'Heat Of The Night' powers along in impressive style and 'When Two Hearts Collide' musically has all the elements of an AOR classic. But there remains the one big issue.

Not content with naming the band, song writing and handling lead guitar, B T also provides lead vocals, and frankly, they just don't cut it, not by a long way. There's no real passion or feel to the vocals, I'm not even sure they are completely in key at times. Which is a great shame, because in every other way, this really is an enjoyable throw back to the glory days of melodic rock that Valerie profess to recreate. 'Tear Down The Walls' and 'Love Is Like A Heart Attack' are genuinely memorable tunes which deserve better in this genre of music.

It would be a shame if we didn't hear from Valerie (The Band) again, but if they are to progress anywhere, then my advice to B T Valerie would be to concentrate on the already impressive lead work and go out and find yourself a great singer who can really do the songs justice.

This has the makings an impressive album, but ultimately is a bit of a letdown.

Ian Parry

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