Wayward Sons - 'Ghosts Of Yet To Come'

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Wayward Sons - 'Ghosts Of Yet To Come'

One of the most energizing albums of the year.

Back in the day (oh shit – Gramps is on one again) one name you could trust for a live gig was Little Angels. Loud, proud and full of testosterone and cool riffs, they just worked. Part of the winning formula was front-man Toby Jepson, who would own the stage whilst balancing powerful melody and ear-splitting screams. Yeah, we had fun with Little Angels, and I have to say I've been looking forward to this debut release from Jepson's new band, mainly because advance tracks have grabbed that old spirit by the balls. The only worry was would they be able to maintain it through a whole album.

The good news is that Wayward Sons nail the quality issue with no doubts at all. The album has a lean ten tracks to it, and whilst they may not all be perfect, it's class all the way with big, guitar-led anthems all bolstered by Jepson's vocals. I must add that it's terrific to hear him sounding so good. His voice has changed a bit over the years (naturally), but it's still Jepson.

There's even a few of the old screams scattered about, starting on the lead single and opening track 'Alive'. I'm guessing that if you've heard this track you'll be salivating for the album, and to be honest, it is a perfect introduction to the band. There are no ballads here, just ten upbeat, fist-in-the-air and dance-like-a-twat Rockers that meld melody with Metal. These are the sort of songs that will send live audiences mental, and I just love the sheer energy that is contained throughout.

Jepson has always had a good ear for a great song, and with Wayward Sons, he's surrounded himself with bandmates that know their way around their instruments, with special praise going to Sam Wood for his sweet riffs and solos. We're used to Frontiers throwing silky smooth AOR projects at us all day long, but this talented British band have snuck in to show people how balls-out Melodic Rock can still make you sit up and drool. If this is the ghost of what's to come, then what's to come is going melt our brains. No frills and no fucking about, 'Ghosts Of Yet To Come' is one of the most energizing albums of the year so far... so go and get it.

Alan Holloway

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