We Are The Fallen - 'Tear The World Down'

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We Are The Fallen - 'Tear The World Down'

A very enjoyable album.

Imagine the Evanescence debut 'The Fallen' with someone other than Amy Lee singing. In many ways that could have been my analysis of the first album from We Are The Fallen, especially after only one or two plays, but also would have been totally unfair and hardly a complete review. Featuring 3 former Evanescence members, John LeCompt, Rocky Gray and most notably guitarist and main songwriter Ben Moody, is bound to shape the band's sonic stylings & delivery and I guess comparisons were almost inevitable before the CD was even released.

I have to admit now, after living with the CD for a couple of weeks, there are a great number of similarities between 'The Fallen' and 'Tear The World Down', Ben Moody's writing, in the main, follows a familiar blueprint and the vocals of former American Idol finalist Carly Smithson at times do resemble those of Amy Lee. Whether it was a conscious effort on Moody's part to find a Lee clone is open to debate but without doubt he has failed in securing any discernible 'new' identity for his latest band. Had Evanescence never existed I'd have no hesitation in proclaiming 'Tear The World Down' a significant body of work and the start of something big. As it stands, even though the album is very, very good, it's at the expense of originality and a greater sense of creativity. As the songs reveal themselves there is an overriding and inescapable sense of deja vu and no matter how hard you try you can't help but reference 'The Fallen'. I'm left wondering if any of the material is actually left over from 'The Fallen' sessions or whether they are ideas that Moody's had in his head for a while.

Opening track 'Bury Me Alive' could be 'Bring Me To Life', without the vocal input of 12 Stone's Paul McCoy, whilst 'Sleep Well My Angel' nods it's head in the direction of 'My Immortal' in the role of the 'big ballad'. Carly's vocals are certainly as good as those of Amy Lee but the whole persona and image are yet to be established. Favourite tracks would probably be 'Burn', which blends some lush orchestration & keyboard textures nicely with some crunching riffs, and 'Without You', which contains a more distinct Smithson performance and an instantly memorable hook. The title track which closes the album is something of a mini epic and the banks of keyboards & strings at its core are complimented by some intense choral passages and another emotive Smithson vocal. Carly Smithson has talent in abundance but it would have been better to have heard her free of Moody's obvious risk-free shackles, with the ability to stamp her own authority on, what must be said, is a good collection of songs. Without detracting in any way from Carly Smithson's performance, during this lengthy period of Amy Lee absence fans of her previous band will find much to appreciate on 'Tear The World Down'. I know my opinion has quite a negative bias, the downside of not being able to listen to enough music without attaching such a critical ear, but the album is very enjoyable. By the way...........did I happen to mention that We Are The Fallen sound a lot like Evanescence?

Dave Bott

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