Wildness - 'Wildness'

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Wildness - 'Wildness'

I recommend Melodic Rock lovers everywhere to give Wildness a chance.

First formed in 2013, Wildness has built on its previously released singles 'Collide' and 'Turning The Pages' (which both appear on this album), and have released their debut and self-titled album. The sound is in the cross-hairs of Melodic Rock with swirling keyboards, crunchy guitars and stratospheric vocals. The opener 'War Inside My Head' is very uplifting musically (lyrics aside) with a punchy and catchy chorus that sets the scene for the album.

Trying to place this band musically, I would say it sits somewhere close to Magnum (due to the interlacing of the keyboard and guitar plus the crystal-clear production and strong vocals). The musicianship is of a high quality with the guitar solos coming in short and sweet where necessary, but opening up where there is an opportunity, as is the case on 'Shadowland'. The aforementioned keyboards are a constant and an integral part of the sound and not just there to add colour.

Riffs and intros are shared between the guitar and keyboards which have a retro-eighties sound (think Dio's 'Rock 'n' Roll Children'). The drums and bass also keep the energy up which means there are no weak links and the songs are relentless to the end. A few real rockers crop up within this largely Melodic Rock offering, such as the menacing 'Welcome The Night' and 'Falling Down' which is fast-paced and a real workout for the band.

It is not until nearly at the end with 'The Flame' that the pace drops a bit and the band launches into its power ballad showcase where the singer excels. Ensuring the album ends with a bang, 'Turning The Pages' does not disappoint and is very much in the anthem envelope.

There are no bad words to be said about this album, it is a bit of a find and I recommend Melodic Rock lovers everywhere to give Wildness a chance.

Rob McKenzie

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