Wintergarden - 'The New Victorian'

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Wintergarden - 'The New Victorian'

Buy this album, support Wintergarden and add 'The New Victorian' to your collection. You'll be glad you did.

When it comes to the selling of albums there is one universal fact – radio airplay can make all the difference in the world. Answer me this, have you ever heard Fatal Smile, Human Fortress, Vanishing Point, Opeth, or Knight Area on American or British main radio stations? While these bands sell well to their diehard fans and in their native countries, here in America especially, they remain largely unknown and unheard of.

Denmark's Wintergarden has released one impressive CD here. Picture the sounds of Lacuna Coil, stir in the heavy guitars of the awesome Alice In Chains and add the epic refrains of Persephone's Dream and you have Wintergarden. Instantly likable, 'The New Victorian' is filled with attention grabbing songs like the heavy opening track, 'Breathe' which features Sevendust guitarist Clint Lowery. After that, reach for the volume and listen to the synthesizers of 'The Release', the nasty 'Cinderella', the solemn vocals of 'Log On', and the six minute closing track 'Fade' that showcases excellent bass and electric guitar work and truly is a must hear for fans of adeptly played Metal.

Wintergarden released their debut EP 'Steampunk Deluxe' back in 2011 with this being their first full-length release. While many bands require a release or two to find a sound that they feel works for them, Wintergarden has found that sound and brings to the table a strong contender within the genre of Melodic Metal. Comprised of husband and wife Miriam and Blake Gardner along with guitarist Darren Davis and mixer Kane Churko (In This Moment, Ozzy Osbourne, Five Finger Death Punch) '...Victorian' has many things going for it.

For starters the mixing between the various instruments is done extremely well. What is irritating is when the instruments seem to be competing for a place in the song. But what is heard on this album is a masterful blend of all the individual parts of each song that come together wonderfully. Each track is written with the vocal range of M. Gardner in mind; really, at no time does her voice come across as forced. The songs are heavy, melodic, almost Progressive and use each musical bar to create an emotion that brings to the listener those feelings that the song-writer is trying to convey.

So, let's hope radio in general gets its act together and starts adding bands like Wintergarden to their playlists; I know I have a better chance of Royal Hunt playing at my next beer bash than that for to happen. But in any event, buy this album, support Wintergarden and add 'The New Victorian' to your collection. You'll be glad you did.

Franco Cerchiari

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