Wolf - 'Devil Seed'

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Wolf - 'Devil Seed'

These Swedish wolves can really roar and bite hard.

Did the Devil himself have anything in common with conception of either Wolf or this album in particular? We don’t know, but guessing by the title of their seventh effort however, we might assume it was a kind of wicked auspices. No matter if supported by the forces of darkness or not, it’s certain that these Swedes have unleashed a Heavy Metal beast with ‘Devil Seed’ and are now ready to watch it devour its prey (the oblivious reviewers exposed to its unrelenting hunger, for example).

Having the ominous, guitar laden-instrumental piece ‘Overture In C Shark’ as the album’s opener, Wolf take us to hell and back again with the fast-paced, furious gallop of ‘Shark Attack’ and the aggressive ‘Skeleton Woman’. It’s a full-throttle Heavy Metal roar at its best, with angsty, darkling lyrics, feisty vocals and equilibristic guitar solos. This tough hell-ride continues throughout the entire record, with the likes of the Sabbath-infused ‘Surgeons Of Lobotomy’ or the slightly Accept-esque and powerful ‘Back From The Grave’.

‘Frozen’ has singer Niklas Stalvind ripping his throat off in the best Halford-esque manner and guitarist Simon Johansson putting out a real arsenal of fiery guitar riffs. ‘I Am Pain’ is yet another highlight with its massive, throat-ripping chorus. And if you really thought the mellow intro to ‘Killing Floor’ portends a sombre ballad to finish the album with, you must’ve been misled with the initial wailing guitar sounds. As proven by Stalvind delivering his trademark screams against the wall of furious guitar licks, it’s no slowdown until the acoustic, melancholic guitar outro, making one realize the word ‘deceleration’ simply doesn’t exist in Wolf’s vocabulary.

Apart from the band’s technical prowess and unfading potential, ‘Devil Seed’ proves one thing – these Swedish wolves can really roar and bite hard, and they do both throughout the entire album. Having declared the album is “Heavy Metal to 11”, the band did their best to keep up with this Spinal Tap-ish mantra; the result is an album you can’t play without turning up to eleven and making Nigel Tufnel proud. All in all, Wolf has offered their listeners a choice that is relatively simple – either you decide yourself on exploring the dark corners of your mind and reviving your love for an old-school heavy metal sound or the beast will come for you. And I am fairly certain you’ll enjoy its guitar-laden roar either...

Alexandra Mrozowska

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