X-Y - 'Flying'

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X-Y - 'Flying'

A highly enjoyable album.

‘Flying’ is the second album from alternative rock band X-Y. Based on the French Riviera the serve up a powerful and melodic set of songs with more than enough variation in mood and styles to keep the listener interested whilst still managing to maintain a distinctive identity.

Album opener and title track ‘Flying’ sets the pace with an up tempo rocker, with the staccato opening building over a background of electronic keyboard textures before launching into a riff that will get your head nodding from the start. The expected big chorus follows with harmony and backing vocals a plenty. Next up ‘What We Like’ show the band at their varied best, a driving rock verse and chorus before slipping into a reggae middle section sung in French. A little off the wall so early in the album, but the juxtapositioning of power rock and a reggae beat somehow works and establishes the ambition of the band.

The band’s influences are clear for all to hear, Avenged Sevenfold – after all, they did release an EP of Avenged Sevenfold covers back in their early days – A touch of Nickelback here and there and the samples and alternative beats of Linkin Park. And whilst the album doesn’t match the class of those bands there’s plenty of great promise on show if the bands can build further and get the right breaks having been signed to a US label for this release.‘Letter to my Friends’ highlights the Linkin characteristics with a haunting, softly spoken verse leading into another power driven chorus. There’s a touch of Foo Fighters too, with some the more straight forward rock of ‘Superficial’, ‘From Ashes and Dust’ and ‘Locked-In Syndrome’. Main song writer, Jean-Laurant Ducroiset’s guitar work is consistently good, smoothly handling the changes in pace and tone that the album puts together. ‘9 Lives’ gives us some Funk leanings towards the Chilli Peppers, but despite covering pretty much the extremes of Alternative rock boundaries X-Y do still manage to hold a distinctive sound together

The album was first released in 2011 and with a new single and video ‘Welcome To My Place’ out now and available through i-tunes, the band are pushing to establish themselves further outside their native France. Yet to make it over to England, the band is regularly gigging through France and several excursions into mainland Europe.

This is a highly enjoyable album, with a strong label behind them if they can get a few decent support slots for exposure, with the right time and right place, who knows where album number three could take them.

Ian Parry

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