StOp sToP - 'Barceloningham'

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StOp sToP - 'Barceloningham'

There's a bit too much sugar coating and not enough musical talent on this album.

Stop Stop are a brash, colourful trio from Spain who revel in trying to recreate the heydays of Glam Metal, amongst other related genres. I stress "trying". SS cram their songs with all the hallmarks of Glam, and it's certainly a lot of fun if at times comical, but they lack the finesse of the acts they are trying to emulate.

'Won't Hold Me Back' quickly gives the sense that the vocals will let this album down. 'Spit It Out' has tons of energy but the whole sound is very thin, sometimes seemingly lacking a solid bass line at all. 'Over & Out' plays with some Funky conversation-stylings back and forth with the vocals and guitar, and the pre-chorus of 'Little Fighter' thrives on the hoarse energy of Jacob A.M.'s vocals; the rest of '...Fighter', however, rests limply on a tinny piano sound.

Later tracks like 'Walk 'N' Stalk', 'Barceloningham' and 'Johnny Ten-Men' tend to be anchored around simple, repeating choruses, often lacking a little melody and a similar sound merges the songs together.

SS make you want to like them; they are barrels of energy and, you expect, hugely entertaining, but it's overshadowed by the inherent weakness of the song-writing. I thought it actually lacked the pace of their earlier albums, the strength of the sound not helped by the loss of their second guitarist.

Stop Stop scream attitude and outrage but there's a bit too much sugar coating and not enough musical talent on this album that bring to mind something about empty vessels making the most noise.

Sophie Brownlee

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