Adrenaline Mob - 'Omerta'

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Adrenaline Mob - 'Omerta'

Fans of its members’ former bands might struggle to really engage with this.

Since his departure from the almighty Dream Theater, many a person (myself included) wondered where Mike Portnoy would ultimately find a home. Although a stint with Avenged Sevenfold proved temporary (filling in for the recently deceased James "The Rev" Sullivan for the album, 'Nightmare'), the superbly talented drummer has broken new ground with the band, Adrenaline Mob. 'Omerta' is the highly anticipated and first full-length album from a trio of established musicians also featuring Russell Allen (Symphony X, Allen/Lande) on vocals and Mike Orlando (Sonic Stomp) on guitar. Although not explicitly stated in any press release, I am assuming Bass was performed by Paul DiLeo since no bassist is credited (he has left the band and a current news posting on their website reads that Bassist John Moyer (Disturbed) is his recent replacement).

Despite the collective talent and pedigrees which comprise Adrenaline Mob, this album lacks any real character. Most surprisingly, 'Omerta' possesses no progressive elements that you might have otherwise expected. As a matter of fact, 'Angel Sky' is the only song to explore anything outside simple duple meter featuring a 6/8 time signature. All is not lost, as Russell Allen delivers a powerful and gritty performance. However, the bravura is a bit too much for my taste and find him pushing too hard on many songs and much prefer his more restrained approach on the Allen/Lande recordings and specific Symphony X selections. Ultimately, what you have here is a pretty standard and predictable album in the Heavy Metal genre. The production is first rate and 'Come Undone' represents the album's zenith. Although it is a wonderful duet with a female singer, I am unable to identify her since there is no mention of her in the EPK [Electronic Press Kit] and extensive research has failed to provide a solution to this conundrum.

Unfortunately, 'Omerta' does not resonate with me and fails to live up to the hype. As such, I would much rather revisit old Dream Theater and Russell Allen’s other ventures. It is not terrible by any means, but fans of its members’ former bands might struggle to really engage with this. If however, you are a fan of bash-and-crash, bruising Heavy Metal with only a little melody, this might just be your cup of tea. But it’s not mine!

Brent Rusche

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