Tank - 'War Nation'

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Tank - 'War Nation'

If you want your rock music fully loaded then it really doesn't get much better than this.

Tank, the UK classic rock band, has produced its second opus of recent times called ´War Nation´. This is a follow up to the very well received ´War Machine´ released in 2010 and the “War” moniker is now a useful key word for indicating new style material in Tank´s extensive catalogue.

The band comprises Mick Tucker and Cliff Evans, both long standing members, on guitars, Doogie White on vocals, Chris Dale on bass and Steve Hopgood coming back to the fold on drums. The sound of this album is even bigger than its predecessor and in the words of Jimmy Page will hit you straight between the eyes. Although, it has a very modern production, there are no gimmicks at all, no keyboards, no effects - no tricks besides the odd pinched harmonic. Evans and Tucker have literally plugged their Les Pauls into a Marshall stack and let rip.

The title track opens proceedings with a galloping guitar rhythm and with vocal hooks galore launches into a memorable chorus - once heard not forgotten. The next track, ´Song Of The Dead´ is more brooding, more epic and verging on anthem territory with many changes of paces and separated passages held together by the ever present Tank dual guitar sound. Moving through the album, ´Don´t Dream In The Dark´ which although as heavy as the rest of the album has a bit more of a commercial vibe to it with its catchy melodies. Doogie´s vocal style always seems to change between his various recordings; he sounds reminiscent of the great Ronnie James Dio on this and a number of other tracks and that´s quite a compliment. And to cap it all, the guitar solo passage is top drawer. ´Dreamer´ is a well-placed song, the closest song on the album to a power ballad and it really works and if rock bands bothered with singles any more, this would be it. The album doesn´t let off with a trio of powerful guitar riff based songs before the final official track on the album entitled ´Hard Road´. A real find and treasure; it is an instrumental penned by Mick Tucker and is first rate and would be enjoyed even by people who don´t normally like songs without words!

The album then has no less than three bonus and very listenable tracks providing a lot of vfm and before I forget it, a special call out is well deserved to Jason Bryce who produced the distinctive and colourful skull, cross and red rose album cover design.

If you want your rock music fully loaded then it really doesn´t get much better than this.

Rob McKenzie

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