Smell My Pillow - 'No Control'

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Smell My Pillow - 'No Control'

They started off badly with the name and finished worse with the songs on this album.

Seriously? Smell My Pillow? That's like a joke band name in a cheap teen comedy – they may as well have named the band Pull My Finger and got the same result. When I saw the name I was expecting a cheap glam rock band, but SMP don't sway that way, instead turning out to be a pretty straightforward hard rock band who couldn't afford a studio and recorded the album in a bucket instead. It's taken them eighteen months to make 'No Control', and the end result is, well, an album.

After several listens, I remain under whelmed by this album. At its very, very best it's okay, and at its worst it's horrible. For the most part it's so average it may as well be playing in a lift. Mike Matheson has an average voice; Marc Kowalski writes average songs.... Well, you get the idea. There's little or no soul that comes through, no feeling of passion or the need to get out there and kick ass. The production is pretty thin, although some songs, such as 'ReEstablish', benefit from a much better drum sound than others. It's a pretty good song as well, which helps. Things take a dive eight tracks in with 'Can You Say Smell My Pillow', which is a shudderingly bad rap/rock thing that seems like it was written by someone's Dad to prove he is down with 'the kids'. It's probably supposed to be funny, but it's as funny as the idea of Thatcher being PM again during a Zombie apocalypse.

Smell My Pillow started off badly with the name and finished worse with the songs on this album. There's a couple of tracks that I can stand to play more than once, but the majority are just very poor, and have no chance of competing with the quality that is out there. My advice: stay in the local bars and slip one of these in between covers.

Alan Holloway

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