Supermachine - 'Supermachine'

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Supermachine - 'Supermachine'

There is plenty enough to recommend this eponymously-titled album.

Hailing from Southern New Hampshire, Supermachine were formed by founding members of Scissorfight – bass player Paul Jarvis and guitarist Jay Fortin. Sometimes it's hard to dissect the sound of the band and give comparison, but this may just be where Supermachine's strength lies.

The first noticeable quality is the monstrous instrumentation on the track 'Solitude', with singer Dave Nebbia bellowing out some demanding lyrics. It's hard to believe that they found this singer through some emails regarding the selling of some leather cuffs! 'Broken' is a good representation of the style that this album tends to follow, with hard-hitting guitars and unforgiving vocals. You can picture the low slung guitars and the beer cans sat on the amps, as this band smash out song after song in a live environment. If you are looking for attitude, 'Transformer' has both pronounced lyrics and focused metal bites of guitar.

'Josey Wales' shows that the band are not afraid to tell a story with the vocals, at times, reminding me of Layne Staley, and the more blues rock approach stretches out beyond. 'MT' is a slow creeping riff with an effective stalking vocal, and turns out to be one of the golden nuggets on offer here. No frills, old school blues drenched rock is the name of the game with 'Buffalo', whilst 'Pill Cruise' is plain head banging fuel, with little substance, but bags of attitude.

If there is a negative to offer, then it would be the predictable pace of so many of the songs, at times, never really getting out of first gear. That said there is plenty enough to recommend this eponymously-titled album.

Ray Paul

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