Farraday - 'Shade Of Love'

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Farraday - 'Shade Of Love'

A fine example of 80's Melodic Rock that's been dragged into the modern age.

Although my palette has gotten heavier as I've aged, the taste for Melodic Rock/AOR still remains. Therefore it was a pleasant surprise to find one such release in this issue's* selection. The act in question comes from Greece and is a new project called Farraday. The central protagonists are Roy Da Vis, (Vocalist, Guitarist, Keyboardist and Composer), and Stathis Spilliotopoulous, (Drums, Bass, Backing Vocals and Producer). They have spent years collaborating with other musicians and performing live but have now got together to fulfil their Melodic Rock vision.

There's plenty of variety on 'Shade Of Love' including fret surfing solos, sparkling keyboards and soaring vocals with even a saxophone appearance. If you haven't guessed already, this ten track release is heavily influenced by that popular 80's AOR sound with the best two tracks bookending the album. 'One Way Ticket To Hollywood' has an upbeat soft rock riff with lots of shiny keys that reminded me of Trixter. The chorus, like the whole song, is a lively affair.

At the close you'll find 'When Passions Burn'; a duet with Ada Livitsanou that has a groovy chug about the axe work and another infectious chorus. In between these two there are other notable songs like 'Rock U (The Old Fashioned Way)' with its fine cascading keys melody and memorable chorus that so reminded me of Brad Darrid. There is a slight sleaziness to 'Out Of Nowhere'' whilst the keys in 'Breakin' Down' appears to tip their hat to Foreigner despite the song being a bit more guitar fuelled. The title track has a positive feel with a cool grinding melody that flows seamlessly into the laid back chorus. The lone discernible ballad is 'There For You' and it has everything that could be asked for with some sax and lots of passionate piano/guitar that all builds up to a heartfelt chorus.

'Shade...' is a solid, enjoyable album that I can happily listen to repeatedly, but it didn't blow me away. I have no complaints about it; it's well written and played with plenty of choral hooks and melodies that can keep your attention over multiple listens. You'll probably find yourself humming the likes of 'One Way' and 'Passion' for a few days but I don't know if you'll be doing so in a few weeks. It just didn't have the 'wow' factor that can land an unrecoverable mark, as when I first heard Dare or Heartland. Despite a lack of explosive specialness this is a fine (if not quite prime) example of 80's Melodic Rock that's been dragged into the modern age. 'Shades' is an entertaining album to save for a drive on a sunny day when you have no particular place to be.

Dave Scott

(*Fireworks Magazine #59)

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