Melted Space - 'Between'

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Melted Space - 'Between'

This album, despite being put together very well, is actually extremely depressing.

A strange one this - Melted Space is the brainchild of Frenchman Pierre Le Pape, a musician influenced by movie soundtracks, symphonic metal and electro pop. He tries to weave these differing styles into his music and to date he has recorded one fully fledged instrumental album about Dante's journey in Hell, and then what he claims to be France's first ever concept rock opera entitled 'From The Past'.

That album is about Zeus, Hera and the other Greek Gods battling Angels and Demons. On the CD you will find many different musicians working together and it features over 26 vocalists from many different rock genres who help to tell its story. And now we get to my comment about "a strange one" because I'm not sure what to make of Melted Space's new release 'Between'. It seems to be a straight musical follow on from 'FTP' but Monsieur Le Pape says that all it is really, is just an intermediate album recorded 'Between' (hence the title) the last proper album and the next one. 'Between' tells the epic saga of 'Romulus & Remus' and again it is teeming with many of Europe's metal vocalists. Liv Kristine (Leaves Eyes), Ashmedi, Mick Rignanese (Destinity), Charley Corbiaux (Heavenly) all take part and with their help, Pierre Le Pape's music has life breathed into it. BUT ...

As this album is only seven tracks long (there are also three "bonus" tracks to take it over the 30 minute mark) and the songs that make up 'Between' are not epic in length, I'm not sure if Romulus & Remus get a fair shake of the tree as regards their story. I also found the music to be very dour and dark with little light to break up the bleak nature of the songs. Yes it is played well, the many vocalists bringing passion to their various songs and the orchestrations throughout the release are powerful and emotive. Yet I still found myself feeling down as I played this album.

I know that with concept albums everything can't possibly be sweetness and light but this album, despite being put together very well is actually extremely depressing! So maybe I'll wait for the next full album proper before I make up my mind about Melted Space: you might want to do the same.

Ian Johnson

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