Pyramid Theorem - 'Pyramid Theorem'

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Pyramid Theorem - 'Pyramid Theorem'

This debut album is one of the strongest, most dynamic and enthralling pieces of music that has crossed my path in many a year.

Rush, Dream Theater, Symphony X, Spock's Beard are usually the bands bio writers use to describe the new prog act they are promoting to reviewers or the readership of whatever mag/webpage they want their act to appear in/on. These are easy bullet points and get the reader and journo excited easily. Yet this time I have to tell you all, that I'm not exaggerating when I say that Pyramid Theorem do indeed sound like the aforementioned bands and will, if God smiles down on them, be one of the next generation of prog metal giants.

The songs, musicianship, attitude and talent that exudes from every pore of this album is mesmerising, and when you finally get yourselves a copy, you will soon discover that Pyramid Theorem are a new force to contend with. However, to be brutally honest, the above description does little justice to the music on this self-titled debut album because far from being copyists, PT are instead a band that have a sound and defining style all their own.

Each song on the CD clocks in at around or above the ten minute mark, yet none of the five songs that make up this release overstays its welcome. Indeed, they demand you hit the replay button as soon as humanly possible and re-enjoy the music of this fine release. To make my point I'll tell you about just two of the songs from the album. Firstly the Rush-like and first single 'Another Day Slips By' which is simply stated superb. The melodies, musicianship, vocals and production all melding into an almost perfect melodic prog rock song, one that you'll want to hear time and time again (it is that good). Then we move onto the three-part epic entitled 'The Dream: A Perfect Storm: Without Hope: Finding Trinity' which is almost thirty minutes of prog majesty. It's intricate guitar work, complex keyboards, glorious (Geddy-like) bass runs and vocal harmonies coming in for special praise as they move, interweave, intoxicate and invigorate throughout the length of this wonderful song.

Canada has thrown up many, many great rock bands, be they melodic, metal, AOR or prog, and those wily Canadians seem to make music with a style and panache that few other countries get close to achieving. When they get it right those friendly Canuks get it right with a capital R. Pyramid Theorem are a band who have got it right with a capital R, because this self tilted debut album is one of the strongest, most dynamic and enthralling pieces of music that has crossed my path in many a year.

Ian Johnson

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