The Theander Expression - 'Strange Nostalgia'

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The Theander Expression - 'Strange Nostalgia'

Most certainly a musical talent to watch out for.

So, let me ask – what is it with Sweden? It must be the water – for a country to produce such deep musical talent! 'Strange Nostalgia' is the debut of one such Swedish musical talent: Andree Theander. The music flowed within since the tender age of ten. Andree immersed himself, what with mastering the guitar, writing and taking the music programmes offered throughout his schooling.

Becoming a studio musician – opportunities were opened to him, including a session in Los Angeles with Jeff Lorber on his 'Galaxy' release. However, the session work, albeit important, did not satisfy this eager student. Upon returning home, Andree was ready for more. His debut: 'The Theander Expression'

Full of emotive, up-tempo melodic musical rivers, this debut not only showcases Andree's gift for writing, it also shows us his depth of talent. From song writing to musical composition and further to a first rate Producer! And all in his first time at bat!

The Theander Expression is a group effort as well. Andree has surrounded himself with musicians that share his love for what we refer to as 'West Coast' AOR. The very tasteful drumming of Herman Furin & Bassist Linus Abrahamson form the solid rhythm section; anchoring these soaring passages. As Andree steps out on guitar, he is accompanied by Michael Ottosson on keys. Together these four create oceans of melodic mid-tempo rivers that continue their gentle flow with the vocal styling's of...Christian Hedgren and Gordan Edman. Arrangements of these beautiful passages are also a group effort-no doubt giving a sense of ownership for all involved.

On this debut, Andree comes into his own in the 'middle set' of songs. From 'Like A Chameleon' through to 'Meet Me There Tonight'. Here, we are met with highly charged emotion – top drawer performances and some profound lyrical content. Get set to float through this part of the album! You may even want to leave the lights low and the fireplace ablaze! Expect to hear the individual skills highlighted here, each member of the Expression combining their emotive playing enveloping you completely! Although each track on this debut is high calibre: 'Mr. Know-It-All' and 'Masterpiece In The Dark' are stunners, the first for its overall performance, the second for its guitar stylings. Another, 'Meet Me There Tonight' will carve a special place in your heart!

All in all this debut 'pops'! Most certainly a musical talent to watch out for.

Bruce E.J. Atkinson

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