WAMI - 'Kill The King'

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WAMI - 'Kill The King'

Absolutely brilliant.

A "supergroup" featuring Doogie White, Marco Mendoza and Vinnie Appice was an interesting prospect in itself, but who is Iggy Gwadera? Well, it seems he was guitarist in the imaginatively titled Anti Tank Nun who supported Thin Lizzy in Poland some time ago and his guitar skills greatly impressed bassist Mendoza. So much so, that he felt compelled to bring him in when this project was first suggested in order to work with this talented young man.

The album title 'Kill The King' points to the fact that you wouldn't really expect anything other than it being a huge nod to Dio, Rainbow, etc. but this is a more up to date sound with awesome harmonies and a far more modern overall approach.

A stand out track for me, 'The Resistance', could've been written by White, but, as with the rest of the album, this track was penned by a Polish team consisting of Jarek 'Chilek' Chilkiewitz and Wojtek and Piotr Cugowski. They must have a great interest in Scottish history with lyrics like these, but not quite so sure about the out of tune piper in the closing bars...

I was very impressed with 'Young Blood' which, like three of the other tracks, has a co-write credit given to Gwadera. His solos are killer throughout, but it feels like he's really put his stamp on this one - great feel. The haunting 'I Don't Want To Lose You' is a beautiful ballad and I just adore the harmonies and acoustic playing, reminiscent of Mr Big's 'To Be With You'.

Gwadera certainly lives up to the hype – what an amazing player. Still a teenager, it's hard to figure out just how someone so young could have quite so much Yngwie Malmsteen, Eddie Van Halen and Ritchie Blackmore in their playing, but he has it in spades. Add to that, the unquestionable talents of Mendoza and Appice, this is a perfect vehicle for White to give what I feel may well be his best vocal performance to date. With so much talent and overall brilliant songs, this can't fail to be in my "Top 10 Of 2014". Absolutely brilliant.

Sue Ashcroft

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