Third Eye - 'Recipe For Disaster'

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Third Eye - 'Recipe For Disaster'

If you fancy listening to the sound of heavy metal thunder butting heads with a diverse brand of prog rock, then this is your baby.

Danish based Third Eye started life has a band back in 2003 after four of the members met at music school and started experimenting with a varied bunch of metal covers. Their tutor at the time took interest in the bands progress and offered them the opportunity to try and perform some original material he had written himself. Almost instantly the band felt connected through their new musical creations and Third Eye was well and truly born, although at this stage they were still looking for a lead singer. This procedure eventually took until 2008 to perfect, but once vocalist Per Johansson was chosen, thanks to his Geoff Tate style screech, the band set about working on their debut album, one that would take almost two years to complete due to a variety of setbacks. 

Nevertheless, they held in there and eventually came out of this process with a product to sell. But was the wait worthwhile? Well there is no denying that the ten tracks that create ‘Recipe For Disaster’ are all dominated by a huge and progressive metal sound that overwhelms the listener throughout. From the opening bars of ‘Solitary Confinement’ to the last throes of the epic ‘The Psychiatrist’ the 67 minutes of music on offer holds a wealth of hard-hitting musicianship that most fans of this genre will lap up. Brutal double kick drumming, trembling bass lines and riff fuelled carnage rages from the speakers and gives the album one of the most fierce and varied sounds I’ve ever heard. Yet, whilst the band is rarely seen to ease off the prog metal accelerator they somehow still manage to stay very melodious and also quite eclectic.

Johansson vocal performance must also be noted, as he owns one of the most powerful metal voices I’ve heard in a long time. So, if you fancy listening to the sound of heavy metal thunder butting heads with a diverse brand of prog rock, then this is your baby…now can someone pass me a couple of aspirin?

Shaun 'Bosco' Smith

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