Crobot - 'Something Supernatural'

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Crobot - 'Something Supernatural'

A good listen, but not good enough to keep bringing you back.

'Something Supernatural' is the first full release from Pennsylvania's Crobot, an album full of groove-based heavy riffs. There are plenty of 1970s influences (Led Zeppelin and Black Sabbath) whilst also drawing on the more contemporary Metal of Queens Of The Stone Age and Kyuss. After a first EP release in 2012, mainstays of the band, Singer Brandon Yeagley and Guitarist Chris Bishop, changed their rhythm section with brothers Jake and Paul Figueroa coming in on bass and drums respectively. It's this line-up that cut their self-titled four-track EP earlier this year, a taster for the full album with all the tracks re-appearing here.

'Legend Of The Spaceborne Killer' kicks things off and pretty much sets the tone for the rest of the album, being a slightly Psychedelic-infused heavy Zeppelin style riff. Whilst Yeagley is no Robert Plant in the vocal stakes, he nevertheless does an excellent job with a smooth tone even when hitting the higher notes. 'Nowhere To Hide' is the first single from the album, a more up-tempo beat along with 'The Necromancer'; both driven by the Figueroa team allowing the vocals to soar in range.

If you enjoyed the highly regarded Scorpion Child's debut last year, you'll probably go for this too. Other highlights are 'Night Of The Sacrifice' another mid-tempo track whereas 'La Mano de Lucifer' has a huge, slow-burning riff, and the song which most shows the bands versatility; full of depth, effects and the dynamics of Yeagley's most impressive performance on the album. Whilst the old-school Heavy Blues influences of Led Zep are obvious, there's also touches of the riffing of 1970s Rockers Budgie and Hawkwind.

Although 'Something Supernatural' has some strong performances – in particular showcasing Yeagley's vocal prowess – there is nothing particularly original here. It's all competent enough and will sound great as the party heads into the early hours, but truth is there are other bands out there doing the same sort of thing, and doing it better. A good listen, but not good enough to keep bringing you back.

Ian Parry

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