My Own Ghost - 'Love Kills'

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My Own Ghost - 'Love Kills'

There isn't a poor track amongst the thirteen on offer.

'Love Kills' is the debut from Luxembourg-based five-piece My Own Ghost and it is safe to say it has pretty much slapped me silly. In terms of a comparison MOG brings to my mind a cross between The Birthday Massacre, Evanescence and Delain (at their least "Symphonic"); the fact I reference the latter should give some indication of just how good I think this is.

'...Kills' explodes out the blocks with 'Crimson Ground' which is fuelled by a high-tempo rhythm and guitar that sprints into a rather groovy chorus; it one that makes you sit up and pay attention. There is a Funky, bass filled verse to 'Bad Love' with Julie Rodesch relaxed vocals sitting atop before the chorus kicks in with some driven guitar that takes things up a gear. The intro and verses of 'Beautiful Mistake' feature pace-filled Techno samples and beats, pulsing synth and some fine vocals from Rodesch before the whole thing Rocks out when the guitar up the ante for an upbeat and memorable chorus. Another up-tempo offering (also with some added electronic inclusions) is 'Broken Mirror' with its quick-step beat, churning guitar and a chorus where Rodesch adds some fine wailed vocals.

As good as these tracks are there are four that have been on constant repeat for me. 'Crystal Ball' opens with some strummed guitar, then the punchy beat and riff fire up and the song just takes off; the catchy chorus is one that is impossible to remove from my mind. There is a mellow verse to 'Free Fall' then the chugging guitar rumbles into ear shot and the whole song takes off to another memorable choral line from Rodesch. MOG show they know how to slow things down as well with the ballad-like 'Pathways'; it has a slower, bouncing beat, simple keys and a rather touching chorus. But my favourite of all has to be the captivating 'Silence' with its highly emotional lyrics, passionate vocal performance and a cracking bridge and guitar solo; it hit the spot right from the off.

In truth, there isn't a poor track amongst the thirteen on offer and had '...Kills' come out earlier in the year it would have had a potential to be right up there for my 2014 Album Of The Year... yes it's that good! Despite the late arrival, My Own Ghost's debut (I still can't believe this is a debut) has still managed to force its way into my year's Top 5. If you are a fan of Female-Fronted, Modern/Alternative Rock bands, this is one album that I think could resonate equally well for you and maybe any other readers who adore the more contemporary styles.

Dave Scott

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