Dragonforce - 'Twilight Dementia'

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Dragonforce - 'Twilight Dementia'

A definite fan item, but one most will ignore.

Having sold over two million albums worldwide and played an insane amount of shows, it’s no surprise we have a live document here from universal power metal heroes DragonForce, though the live tag is speculative at best, as I’ve seen them play twice and not once have they sounded like this. As ZP Theart has left for pastures new, this stands as a reminder of what the band once were. I find it hard to believe the band will return with a vocalist that’ll earn them the same amount of success as Theart, and so perhaps this is a bittersweet release from the band, one that collects their best tunes and serves more as a greatest hits compilation than something that captured a moment in time.

DragonForce are on fine form here, though the drums have been triggered to such a degree that they sound programmed, and the sound is so ridiculously polished that there’s no real difference between ‘Twilight Dementia’ and their actual records, though Theart does sound shaky in places and there are a number of scuffed solos that remind us that this is somebody actually playing. The atmosphere has been raped from this thing and the crowd rarely get a look in, though with only two guitars (not one thousand Pro-Tools tracks) the songs sound simpler and, dare I say it, more enjoyable. From ‘Heroes Of Our Time’ to ‘Through The Fire And Flames’, this is a cool compilation in many ways, featuring some of the band’s best known tunes. ‘My Spirit Will Go On’, ‘The Last Journey Home’, and ‘Reasons To Live’ are all highlights here, with a couple of curveballs in ‘Where Dragons Rule’ and ‘Strike Of The Ninja’ being fun additions to the set.

There’s not an awful lot of excitement to be had with any power metal live album, but this is as good as any of them. Though how much of it is live is up for debate. A definite fan item, but one most will ignore. Time will only tell where the band goes next. How about giving Michele Luppi a call?

Bruce Turnbull

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