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It’s all about ‘striking a chord...’ both musically and emotionally... It’s about connecting with listener... at more than one level... It’s about delivering powerful melodic rock that inspires people... and that triggers positive feelings, thoughts and actions...This has been the Bad Habit approach for many years... and continues to be so... now more than ever - with new album ‘Atmosphere’... 
With their 10th album, Bad Habit cement their position as one of melodic rock’s finest bands... once again delivering what will most likely become yet another classic album for the band… with everything from an outstanding production to superb songs with a high ‘BFC’ -factor (Big Chorus).
With Hal Marabel in the producer seat and Jonas Reingold behind the mixer... you can’t go wrong... For this album, a few outside songwriters were also invited to join the creative process... which   turned out to be a fruitful collaboration... adding a new dimension to the overall Bad Habit sound expression...
Formed in 1987 in Sweden, Bad Habit represent a diverse combination of musical talent and vast experience... that stretches the boundaries and conventions of the rock genre... Something that their fans have come to love and appreciate over the years...
Bad Habit is about exceeding expectations... leading with example... and creating the right ‘Atmosphere’ to become your best... Enjoy the experience… ; )

Bad Habit are: Bax Fehling - Lead vocals; Hal Marabel - Guitars, keyboards; Sven Cirnski - Lead guitar; Patrik Södergren - Bass; Jaime Salazar - Drums

Tracklist: 1. In The Heat Of The Night, 2. Words Are Not Enough, 3. Every Time You Cry, 4. I Wanna Be The One, 5. I’ll Die For You, 6. Angel Of Mine, 7. Fantasy, 8. We Are One, 9. Only Time Will Tell, 10. Break The Silence, 11. Save Me, 12. Catch Me When I Fall, 13. Without you

Soundfiles in advance:

BAD HABIT - In The Heat Of The Night (Edit)

BAD HABIT - Words Are Not Enough (Edit)

BAD HABIT - Every Time You Cry (Edit)

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