Red Bazar - 'Tales From The Bookcase'

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Red Bazar - 'Tales From The Bookcase'

A sure fire winner from another (new) great British Prog Rock band.

Red Bazar started out as an instrumental Prog band who occasionally dabbled with vocals and they have recorded one full album and one EP so far. Their new release, 'Tales From The Bookcase', sees the band taking the next logical step – by utilizing vocals on all the songs for the first time and their inspired choice of singer is Tiger Moth Tales very own Pete Jones.

Jones' very English voice joined to RB's strong musicianship seems to have revitalised the band's sound and this collaboration has inspired them to write some of the best songs of their careers. The title of the album says everything you need to know about what's going on during this album, with Jones taking his lyrical inspiration from classic literature and some of his favourite authors works. Here you'll find tracks based on stories and ideas by Alistair McClean, Jean Raspail, H.G. Wells, Arthur C. Clarke and George Orwell as you listen to the album. There's also an original story, 'Calling Her On', which is about what happened to the wife of the late David Bowie's Major Tom character after he disappeared.

Now as you can probably imagine, the subject matter Jones and the band have chosen for their lyrics isn't very up-beat in its nature; in fact, the songs found on 'Songs From The Bookcase' are very dark and happy endings are few and far between. That, however, isn't a problem, because the eight tracks that make up this release are fascinating and, as you listen to them, you know you'll want to drink in their musical wonders many times. Songs I'd encouraged people to partake of are the above '...Own', the very, very dark and haunting 'Queen Of The Night Pt's 1&2', the caustically lyrical 'City And The Stars' and the grand 'Lights Of Home'. Actually, I withdraw my earlier comment about certain highlights; truth be told, add all the others to the list because they are all so good.

If this is what Red Bazar can come up with for their first vocal album, then the next few years should, fingers crossed, see them going from strength to strength. They are all very talented musicians, with an obvious love for Prog that is second to none. And in Jones they have a singer and song-writer who has few equals in this genre.

A sure fire winner from another (new) great British Prog Rock band.

Ian Johnson

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