Danzig - 'Deth Red Sabaoth'

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Danzig - 'Deth Red Sabaoth'

By far one of his best releases, period.

Since the departure of guitarist John Christ from the Danzig ranks his releases have been patchy at best and it seemed Danzig’s darkest days were behind him. Well I am glad to announce the dark cloak of doom has descended once again upon new release ‘Deth Red Sabaoth’.

The furious riff of ‘Hammer Of The Gods’ is like a handshake from the grim reaper himself. The riff thunders out of the speakers and the voice is back, no more electronic effects or industrial style vocals. Evil Elvis is back with the more subtle tones of Jim Morrison to drive the song along on a sea of punk attitude and Black Sabbath inspired riff work. This time the generic guitar work of the past is replaced with wonderful gothic charms as evidenced in ‘Black Candy’. The song has not only Glen’s vocal work but he supplies drums as well! The song is big on atmosphere as Glen sings like a man possessed by the toxicity of a she devil as the song grinds along like a serpent stalking its prey.

The beautiful ‘On A Wicked Night’ opens its black curtains to reveal a more sensitive soul before Glen’s mighty bellow of a voice chants his conviction in the thunderous chorus. It’s light and shade on this release and it shows a depth to its construction with each song offered. For fans of the more commercial ‘Mother,’ ‘Deth Red Moon’ with its similar chord stricture will hit the mark dead on. The guitars supplied by Tommy Victor and Steve Zing are a formable partnership that make this the best release since ‘Danzig 4’.

Keeping with the familiar theme of the darker side of religion ‘Incanticle’ is a wonderful vocal piece that sounds not unlike a Gregorian monk chant. The song is both sensitive and haunting at the same time with just the accompaniment of a piano for effect.

The sound of ‘Night Star Hel’ is Elvis and Tony Iommi jamming in hell, and as absurd as it sounds works perfectly. If like me you have longed for the Danzig of old then you will not be disappointed, this is by far one of his best releases, period.

Ray Paul

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