Lanfear - 'The Code Inherited'

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Lanfear - 'The Code Inherited'

In summing up I have to say that there are both highs and lows when it comes to this release.

It's been four long years since Germany's Lanfear last released an album and in a genre, namely Melodic Progressive Metal, where we see new albums coming out on an almost weekly basis, I wondered if they had let the competition get a leg up on them. After hearing the rather jarring and not at all pleasant opening cut 'The Delusionist', I immediately thought that my fears had come home to roost. Thankfully after such a disappointing start, Lanfear's music settles down and the band begins to pile on the melodies which enhance their sound immensely.

'The Opaque Hourglass' brings to mind early Primal Fear, Evergrey, and Symphony X; in Nuno Miguel de Barros Fernandes Lanfear have a singer who has the power, passion and delivery to propel this band to much greater heights. 'Evidence Based Ignorance', 'Self Assembled' and the forceful and highly melodic 'Remain Undone' are all songs that show just what a talented bunch of song-writers Lanfear are and, as such, they need to write songs like this much more often than they do.

There are two tracks I haven't mentioned so far, firstly, the album's epic title track 'The Code Inherited'. At almost eleven minutes this fine slice of Melodic Prog Metal has echoes of Magnitude 9, Shadow Gallery, and Vision Divine running through its vaults. It's also a song that any other band playing this kind of music would be proud to have written. It is full of clever arrangements, commanding musicianship and edgy demanding vocals which, when all are put into the Metal cooking pot, heat up and melt nicely together to create a lovely simmering musical recipe. The second track is the Bryan Adams tribute song 'Summer Of 89'. A track so out of place on a Prog Metal album that it leaves you wondering why it's actually there.

In summing up I have to say that there are both highs and lows when it comes to this release. Dropping the aggressive Metal of the opening track is a must and if you're going to do a song like '...89' then write a whole album like it, don't try to place it on an album where it just doesn't fit. Apart from that, Lanfear must keep up the good work as songs two through to seven are simply great.

Ian Johnson

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