Electus - 'Rock & Roll Incarnate: Part One'

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Electus - 'Rock & Roll Incarnate: Part One'

A great album.

There must be something in the water in the West Midlands, as so many great Rock and Metal bands hail from there; Electus is no exception. Formed in 2008 by vocalist/guitarist Russell Peake, the band released their debut album 'The Dark' in 2015 to wide acclaim, and now just over a year on we have the follow-up.

'Ticket To Nowhere' immediately has your senses reeling with the musical version of pick 'n' mix, as cowbells, sixties sci-fi synth sounds, old style overdriven guitar riffs and Peake's unique vocal tone sets this track running, and all too quickly its finished. 'I Wanted You' brings us closer to normality as a heavy Classic Rock beat pounds out with Peake singing tastily and lead axeman Pete Checkley soloing beautifully. Electus are not ones to be easily pigeon holed as 'Slip Away' blends Grunge with Country, and it sounds stunning. Checkley lays down some wonderfully Bluesy passages here whilst a more fluid delivery from Peake gives this track an airy, positive and commercial feel. 'Saved' keeps the musical blends coming, it's a track that's like the bastard child from Nirvana and Metallica.

Electus have a writing style which encourages emotion, and while they explore a variety of influences, the common denominator is rhythm and melody, even in their heaviest moments. They have clearly matured since their debut and are evolving into a class act. The band list Led Zeppelin as one of their influences and the riff heard in the second half of 'Another Like Me' could have easily been penned by Jimmy Page, but also the twin guitar sounds à la Thin Lizzy and the deep rhythm bass riff reminiscent of early Rush can also be found here, making this into a legendary song. 'Light In The Sky' has similar properties, but brings chorused vocals and a Southern Rock flavour to proceedings. This seems to be where the band truly excels. Slightly out of character with the rest of the tracks comes 'Running Around' which sits firmly in a different influential decade with the likes of Green Day et al, but then strays momentarily into a Proggy keyboard interlude!

This is a great album and all the tracks are well constructed and of a consistently high standard. Electus are still evolving and having a blast, exploring every creative avenue as they do so. The next album is going to be a killer!

Paul Sabin

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