TwentyDarkSeven - 'Momentum'

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TwentyDarkSeven - 'Momentum'

Not a bad album at all, in fact it's good but it could have been so much more.

TwentyDarkSeven have bags of potential and this album brims with riffage and from the first track 'Stranger Than Fiction' we are presented with some crunching Zakk Wylde-like low end squeals. The rest of the song, well it's okay.

The band is made up of Marcus Jurgens on vocals, Peter Wagner and Marcel "Selly" Bernhardt on guitars, Christoph Renner on bass and Marcus Herzog walloping the skins. On paper the band have tons of potential and this is a good sounding album. From the off the singer reminded me of Oni Logan of Lynch Mob with a hint of Jekyll and Hyde's Jacob Samuelsson mixed in. He has potential but needs to own a style, he also doesn't have a huge range so he needs something special which sadly isn't displayed here.

The guitars are huge on this album but unfortunately the solos bear no resemblance to the riffs, they are unbalanced, not well written and fail to drive any of the songs further. I like lots of melody or technique when I listen to solos, neither are displayed with much finesse here. The rhythm section is very good, the riffs are huge, most of the songs are really, really good but they lack that something that would make them great.

If this album had catchy hooks we'd be looking at a monster, sadly it fails to deliver in most cases but when it does it takes the whole thing to a different level. The aforementioned '...Fiction', 'The Devil's Doom Delight', 'Shadows Of The Sun', 'Heaven In Black' and 'Coming Home' are so close but just don't have that special something. Standout songs are 'Shotgun Heart' and 'Through Hell And Back', both of which have great riffs and much more thought has gone into the melodies. 'Falling Away' is probably the standout song on the release and it's heavy and melodic with a great chorus. The riff to 'Spoke In The Wheel' is a beast, it's one that would come around to your house and abuse your cat. The rest of the song is good, but THAT riff...

This is not a bad album at all, in fact it's good but it could have been so much more.

Tony Marshall

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