Eastwood Haze - 'Common Dedication'

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Eastwood Haze - 'Common Dedication'

With energy to spare, and enough to power a small country, 'Common Dedication' is possibly only a peek into the vast talents of the band.

A rollicking quintet out of Lower Austria, the Blues-Rock music of Eastwood Haze is purely heavy and genuine. 'Common Dedication' is the group's debut, and what a powerful debut it is!

Get ready to enter into a heavy-grooved sea of the sweetest electric Blues-Rock that you haven't heard for a very long time, from the whiskey-soaked growl of the lead vocalist Mike Schwödiauer, to the thundering rhythms of bassist Patrick Steinmassl and drummer Max Thalhammer. The twin guitar attack is also stellar, with string benders Mojo Schwödiauer and Flo Fangmeyer, and better yet, the whole of the group look stunning, with a stage presence that is giant, just like their music!

As mentioned previously, this record is loaded with a heavy groove that just tears through on each number. Schwödiauer's vocals can rise to a soaring high when called upon, yet keep that whiskey-soaked timbre with great ease; he can be soulful, menacing and full of emotion, simultaneously at times! Now, combine his talents with everyone else's, and the music that is performed and created can only be described as simply excellent.

'Common Dedication' is guaranteed to play with your emotions, tugging at your musical heartstrings and surrounding you with astonishment. Their Blues meanderings are electrified, giving way to blistering lead solos which can and do move mountains! Even though this five-piece is steeped in Electric-Blues, the record itself is a varied effort, breaking out to some solid Hard Rock flourishes that will turn your head several times over. Throughout the ten selections here, the group continually explore this style of music, exposing new gems all along the way. This gives us ten journeys that are simply overwhelming. Just take a listen to 'Disappointed', why? The simply answer is because you won't be!

At the start of this review, I mentioned that this recorded work was genuine, and it certainly is. It is raw, it drips with electric Blues, complete with slide guitar, powered licks, and timely drumming that could stop an oncoming train! The recording itself seems to have been completed in one or two takes. It is like listening to these five live on the stage!

With energy to spare, and enough to power a small country, 'Common Dedication' is possibly only a peek into the vast talents of the band. Collectively, they are the making of a Blues super-group; remember their name... Eastwood Haze!

Bruce E.J. Atkinson

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