Midnight Sounds - 'Chapter 1'

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Midnight Sounds - 'Chapter 1'

Nothing ground-breaking but an interesting and easy to listen to debut with various influences.

Spanish four-piece act Midnight Sounds is the brainchild of Carlos López who, six years ago, entered a couple of home recorded instrumentals into a music contest. He won the Best Local Band Award and came third best in the National Awards! López then surrounded himself with three musicians and they started playing gigs as an instrumental act. In 2015, he recruited vocalist Ramón Barba and started recording 'Chapter 1'.

That is enough of the history lesson, what does the album sound like I hear you ask? In truth, 'Chapter...' is pretty darn good actually. It begins with an acoustic intro which leads into 'Sounds Of Midnight' where Andrés Castro's bass dominates initially and López adds some powerful riffing. Barba has a noticeable accent, however on repeated listens, you tend to forget about this. His singing style is similar to that of James LaBrie in places except slightly rawer. The song has a Jazzy interlude and a Bluesy guitar solo from López. 'Break The Spell' has a Doobie Brothers sounding intro and a fantastic solo from López; it ends with another Jazzy fade out.

'Addiction' has an infectious riff and a catchy chorus, it feels extremely familiar but for the life of me I can't figure out who it sounds like! 'Legend' has López riffing like his life depends on it and he contributes a masterful solo, there is also a funky musical passage and then another solo which reminds me of John Petrucci. 'Crash Of Comets' is an instrumental and you can hear nods to Steve Vai & Joe Satriani – López is a very talented individual who writes all the music too.

'Part Of Me' is a heavier number with Anxo Silveira giving his drums a good pounding, Castro playing some sublime bass lines and Barba hitting the notes. 'Redeem My Life' is another powerful tune with lots of chord changes and López once again shows his dexterity on the guitar. Album closer 'The Wishing Well' is quite atmospheric and sounds very much like Dream Theater in places. Barba even breaks into a little Rap at one stage and López treats us to a Jazzy guitar solo.

In conclusion, 'Chapter 1' is nothing ground-breaking but an interesting and easy to listen to debut with various influences. I look forward to hearing Midnight Sounds' follow-up.

Az Chaudhry

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