The Unity - 'The Unity'

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The Unity - 'The Unity'

The depth of melodic goodness on this self-titled release leaves you feeling hungry for more of the same.

Bounding themselves together through their shared interests, both personally and professionally, Power Metal stalwarts Gamma Ray's Michael Ehré and Henjo Richter have come together outside of their day-job, along with Ehré's Love.Might.Kill cohorts, to tap into their time machine and take us back to the eighties for a Melodic Rock masterclass, via the NWOBHM and Hard Rock highways, in the shape of their self-titled debut.

Opener 'Rise And Fall' is a bold statement, clear as ever, that TU is here to do one thing, and one thing only: express its members undying passion for the genres it plays into and respects. Admittedly, '...Fall' feels as if it is the prologue, a prototypical experiment of sorts, where Ehré and Richter tinkered endlessly and perhaps aimlessly in search of just quite where they sat on the scale of genre as TU.

'No More Lies' removes instantaneously any doubt that The Unity had fallen into the all-too-familiar trappings of a Power Metal rooted super-group, replacing a tendency to hover as close as possible to their source material with an experimental touch, throwing out slick solos that slide across an almost luscious landscape bursting directly into a chorus taken straight from Praying Mantis' rulebook – "No more lies, no more tears, no more pain, no more crying in the rain, no more words, no more lies".

Whilst '...Lies' and 'Always Just You' hark back and provide memories of Melodic Rock's eighties heydays, the darker NWOBHM tones of the roaring, growling, and pounding 'Firesign' and Iron Maiden-aping 'Close To Crazy' take the things we love so much about the likes of PM, Ten and Magnum and throws them into the modern era, offering something so many bands have tried and failed miserably to do; create a collection of Melodic Rock songs without sounding as if you're searching for the golden days that are long gone.

Closer 'Never Forget' is perhaps the epitome of all that 'The Unity' represents, respects and resonates, acting as a clear-cut bookend showcasing their blend of nostalgic quality and modern necessity. Whilst the likes of '...Fall' and 'God Of Temptation' drop the pace and pummel you almost into sadness, the depth of melodic goodness on this self-titled release leaves you feeling hungry for more of the same.

Jack Press

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