Kill For Eden - 'Petty Crimes'

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Kill For Eden - 'Petty Crimes'

It's a pleasure to hear D'Souza sing again as she is a trump card for the group.

When I received Kill For Eden's first album way back in 2012, I rated it as one of the best debut records I'd had the pleasure of reviewing and they were on track to be my favourite new band. They had a collection of great songs and in Lyla D'Souza they were blessed with a phenomenal vocalist who was as effective on Hard Rock tracks as she was on soaring ballads.

After releasing an EP with two additional new songs, the long awaiting second album has finally arrived. Retaining the core of D'Souza and guitarist David Garfield Bown, who wrote all the material on the first record together, they are joined by newcomers Julian Palmer on bass and drummer Wally Miroshnikov.

'Burn Out' pretty much picks up where the debut left off with a strong riff and D'Souza's powerful voice carrying the memorable hook. I felt it was much better than the single 'Woke Up Alone' which really did nothing for me at all. 'Army Of Ants' repairs the damage with a great guitar line and an equally great chorus, before the other single 'Love You So' pops up. This one has a breezier, Pop-focused influence (which is okay) that's combined with a commercial vibe, however I much prefer the down-tuned and hard hitting compositions like 'Give In To Me' or 'Toe The Line'.

'Pay The Piper' showcases another side to D'Souza's singing, and she shares the vocal duties with ex-Rainbow front-man Doogie White on the infectious 'Halley's Comet'. 'Sticks Man' grows on you, while the acoustic outing 'Brave New World' and the lilting 'Ocean Breeze' are both decent, but a far cry from the amazing power ballad 'Fate Insists' which featured on the debut. The band round things off with a heavy and well executed cover of Republica's 'Ready To Go'.

'Petty Crimes' definitely took longer to sink in than its predecessor. After my initial doubts, it's much more thumbs up than down. Apart from the couple of tracks I've mentioned not gelling with my taste, everything else is welcome, and it's a pleasure to hear D'Souza sing again as she is a trump card for the group. They shot themselves in the foot with such a brilliant debut as it was always going to be a massive task to follow it, but this isn't far off the mark at all. Welcome back guys and gal!

James Gaden

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