Radioux City - 'Soul Survivor'

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Radioux City - 'Soul Survivor'

For fans of Funk 'n' Groove, it's time to find your long lost "thang" again.

Being a huge fan of White Sister, I've always kept a watchful eye out for anything by their remaining members. Bass guitarist/vocalist Dennis Churchill-Dries returned in 2015 with the mighty 'I', and now, keyboardist/vocalist Gary Brandon has finally unleashed the previously long lost Radioux City! I've known about this forgotten classic since the nineties, but never dared hope it might finally see the light of day, however, here it is!

So, it's a new take on White Sister right? Wrong! It's big, beautiful, bumping and grinding Funk Rock/Funk Metal! Think a heady fusion of King Of The Hill, Prince, It's Alive, Mother's Finest, Dan Reed Network, Electric Boys, Colorcode, TM Stevens, Busboys and Living Colour and you're heading in the right direction. It's a potent, vibrant, kick ass album featuring big songs with huge choruses that have been all mated to terrific musicianship.

Guitarist John Perez is incendiary throughout, how he's not a bigger name is a mystery, while Brandon's voice is terrific. Using his synths to create the bass sound was brave and works well. In places, he also Raps (initially on 'I Created A Monster' and then 'Slave For A Day') and although it's clear that it's meant as a parody, it's cheesiness may deter some people – just a warning. The rhythm section of drummer Pete Kneser and rhythm guitarist Sammy Brown lay down a pulsing backbeat that drives the album with impressive swagger. What a band this was!

The choice of Wild Cherry's 'Funky Music' is inspired, this head-banging, booty-shaking version stamping all over the already excellent original; I defy you not to strut your funky stuff to it! Originally the album was to have been released with eleven songs, but this final version features fourteen, including two brand new cuts recorded last year – 'Soldier Of Fortune' and 'Lookin''. Although the band no longer exists, Brandon now plays these songs with his solo band and the vibe around them is growing fast. For fans of Funk 'n' Groove, it's time to find your long lost "thang" again. I absolutely love this album, and commend it to you completely!

Chris O'Connor

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