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Triggerfinger - Deaf Institute, Manchester (UK) - 09 October 2017

I really enjoyed penning the 'Take 5' section for Fireworks this month, chief among the reasons because I think I may have brought some music to people that they may not have heard of before; everyone's got a well-kept secret, haven't they? One of those are Triggerfinger, Belgium born and about ten years old, they're so popular in Europe that when Foo Fighters had to cry off Pinkpop, the band to replace them were? Yes, Triggerfinger. So popular, you see.

Here? Not so much, but their new album 'Colossus' is riotous and has been pushed hard, so here they are, but not a load of us are, which is a shame, because tonight, Triggerfinger show us just how effective they can be.

Dressed in suits, man mountain bassist Paul, Keith Moon-alike failing yet fine drummer Mario back up the antics of main-man Ruben Block so well, they allow him to be himself; that self is odd and exemplary. Dressing in a sharp, silver grey suit to match his coiffured locks, he wrangles his guitar in time to this violent, sometimes feral music, twisting his whipcord body into tight shapes, letting the music jolt him, stomping in time to the beat – he seems like Tesla gathering the electrical storm. Tracks like 'Flesh Tight' and 'My Baby's Got A Gun' are rushing, pushing things, with moments of Rock clarity among the vibrant, shuddering noise.

Mario struggles to stay behind his kit, reaching out to us and finally gets a chance to have us to himself, rabble rousing, benign Paul looking like he could crush us with one blow, Ruben dancing among them, shaking out sparks.

The experience is tiring and that's due to the gut churning power of the music. The devotees love them and surely it can't be long before this little secret is well known. This Triggerfinger sure is itchy...

Steve Swift

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