Tyketto (New York 2017)

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Tyketto (New York 2017)

Tyketto - American Beauty, New York (USA) - 04 November 2017

A live performance is (and will always be) a special moment for fans to more intimately connect with their artist or band of preference. When that performance represents a homecoming for that artist, well, that is something that heightens the enthusiasm even more among those congregated. Tonight, was such an evening with Tyketto, one of Melodic Rock's finest taking to the stage in New York City. Though the band was technically formed in the neighboring state of New Jersey, NYC and their days slugging it out in venues like Brooklyn's L'amours, The Empire State will always be recognized as their official hometown. Despite line-up changes, self-imposed hiatuses and multiple reunions, the band soldiers on in 2017 with its two founding members still at the helm – vocalist Danny Vaughn and drummer Michael Clayton Arbeeny. Tonight, this incarnation of the band is fleshed out with Chris Green (lead guitar), Ged Rylands (keyboards) and Greg Smith (bass).

2016 saw the release of 'Reach', their latest studio album which was largely regarded as the band's best effort in years. Being that 2017 marks the 25th anniversary of their landmark 1991 debut, 'Don't Come Easy', they released a live CD/DVD chronicling their performance at the Frontiers Music Festival in Milan, Italy where they performed the album in its entirety working through the songs in the opposite order as originally sequenced. Not only does Vaughn reside in Europe (Spain, to be exact), the band has always enjoyed more success in Europe, so this was a rare opportunity not be missed; a one-off, warm-up gig in NYC for their upcoming European tour.

Vaughn makes it all seem so effortless. Not only was he gifted with a bulletproof voice, he projects a charisma that few front-men possess. He is able to connect very intimately with the audience by projecting a genuine enthusiasm for the music and an appreciation for those in attendance. American Beauty is, by all accounts, a small venue which made the evening all the more special. Not only was it an exceptional performance, the set-list was hardly a rehashing of the classics. The band dug deep (pun intended) into their catalog and performed songs from every studio album in their discography except 'Shine' – the only album not to feature Vaughn.

Tyketto ripped through an exhilarating, fifteen song set clocking in just shy of an hour and a half without the faintest break in the action. Perfect they were not, as illustrated by a false start on the introduction to 'Sound Off'. Once the correction was made, the band launched into the song with alacrity. Green is an accomplished player and was able to not only inject his own style, but faithfully recreate some of Brooke St. James' memorable solos found on Tyketto's earlier recordings. Clayton Arbeeny is an often-overlooked drummer, yet when you see him play and how physical he is behind the kit, his power and timing is formidable. The band rejected the customary exit from the stage before returning for the encore. Instead, they used the time to give the fans another song, the lovely acoustic ditty, 'The Last Sunset'. The evening ended with an exuberant rendition of 'Forever Young'. The audience were more than happy to turn the song into a heartfelt sing-along, reinforcing the love so many still have for this band.

Tyketto delivered another performance that reaffirms their talents, not only as great song-writers and musicians, but performers as well. With the band suffering from bad timing with the release of 'Don't Come Easy' and the backlash most of these bands felt in the wake of the changing musical climate in the early nineties, what could have been a rather monumental event resulted in a homecoming of modest proportions. However, that does not, and never will diminish the quality of the music and the fact that Tyketto are still loved by many, continue to write, record and perform twenty-five years later and hopefully, for many more years to come.

Brent Rusche

1 - Burning Down Inside
2 - Reach
3 - Strength In Numbers
4 - Big Money
5 - Circle The Wagons
6 - Seasons
7 - Faithless
8 - Rescue Me
9 - Scream
10 - Sound Off
11 - Wings
12 - The Run
13 - Lay Your Body Down
14 - The Last Sunset 1'20"
15 - Forever Young

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