Unisonic - 'Live In Wacken'

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Unisonic - 'Live In Wacken'

Shows how damn good Unisonic are at what they do.

For anyone unacquainted with the Power Metal-playing super-group Unisonic, 'Live At Wacken' is quite possibly the perfect "for dummies" guide you could conceivably be given. Made up of members of Power Metal godfathers Helloween, Hard Rock veterans Gotthard and Metal pick-n-mixers Pink Cream 69, Unisonic is a fanboy's wet dream and their first live recording is a fitting representation of what they've achieved so far, particularly as the band look set to be shelved for the foreseeable future as Kai Hansen and Michael Kiske go off on their Helloween reunion jollies.

Wacken is one of Germany's biggest events year-on-year and Unisonic features some of German's finest musical exports, therefore the crowd is at capacity and the atmosphere is electric, so much so you risk getting shocked. The atmosphere rockets mid-way through the set when they chuck out a cover of Helloween's 'A Little Time', a feat repeated a second time towards the end in the shape of 'March Of Time'; these are arguably clear-cut highlights of the set. Away from the covers, Unisonic split the set in half, taking five tracks from each of their two albums.

Whilst live collections aren't always the greatest things – can a CD or DVD really capture the essence of a gig? – however, when it comes to getting you as close to being at something you won't often get the chance to actually witness (let's be honest, a Unisonic set is a little bit of a rarity), 'Live In Wacken' does a pretty good job. As they arrive on station ferociously, riffing away to 'For The Kingdom', the mix isn't polished like most live collections and you can truly hear the roar of the crowd thundering through, the excitement leaking out of your stereo and into your own experience. Every moment of the set feels so much more real because you can hear the crowd – in fact, you can hear everything. Unlike other live outings, such as Aerosmith at Download, it is entirely there for you to hear and be part of, and it really sounds great.

Yes, it doesn't add anything new to the world of live music, but it most certainly shows how damn good Unisonic are at what they do, and how bloody much Germany loves Heavy Metal.

Jack Press

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