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Chris Ousey has had an excellent singing career that goes way back to the times of "Monroe" and "Virginia Wolf" and along the way we have had "The Distance", "Ozone" and "Snakecharmer" but he will always be known for the much loved "Heartland". He is nicknamed "The man with the golden tonsils" and that is a fine accolade indeed for he has earned it. His effortless vocal range has gained him a top spot in the world of classic UK hard rock.

Heartland was formed in 1990 by Chris Ousey and Gary Sharpe and Steve Morris joined in 1995 when Heartland III was released (the first release for Escape Music). Steve has been in the band since then right up the 2007 release "Mind Your Head".

"Into the Future" marks a new era for Heartland, their brand-new release and a fantastic new line up with Chris's vocals still showing no signs of tiring! This marks their 10th Studio album, a milestone indeed

Here we have an album that reflects the prowess of all the musicians involved on this album, featuring the fantastic Mike Slamer (City Boy / Streets / Seventh Key / Steelhouse Lane) and Ged Rylands (Ten / Rage of Angels / Tyketto) along with the seasoned Barish Kepic, Wayne Banks and David Anthony.

"Into the Future" is typically Heartland, the style is immediately recognised yet there is a fresh, vibrant feel that gives the fans something new. The song "Foreign Land" has already had an airing (https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1dnlF2O78Mg) and is a typical song from the album, this is what melodic rock is all about!


Release date: 15th October 2021
Catalogue No: ESM358
Bar Code: 5031281003584

Track List:

1- A Foreign Land 5:21
2- Caught up 4:14
3- A Living thing 5:08
4- Giving it all away 4:41
5- A Dangerous Game 4:42
6- Climbing your wall 4:00
7- Mouth to mouth 3:48
8- Not Guilty 5:26
9- Bolt from the blue 4:18
10- White Lies 4:39
11- Working for the man 4:45
12- When the band plays 4:17

The Musicians:

Chris Ousey - Lead Vocals
Mike Slamer – Guitars and Keyboards (Seventh Keys / Streets / Steve Walsh / City Boys / Steakhouse Lae)
Barish Kepic – Guitar and keyboards (Jaded Heart
Ged Rylands – keyboards (Tyketto / Rage Of Angels / ten )
Wayne Banks – Bass (Brazen Abbots / Saxon / Robin Gibbs)
David Anthony – Drums (Dennis De Young)

Produced by Chris Ousey, Khalil Turk
Co-Produced by Mike Slamer
Mixed by Mike Slamer
Mastered by Steve Mann
Artworks by Eric Philipe

For more information, pls. visit: www.escape-music.com

Heartland - Into The Future

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